The National Hymn

National Hymn of IOTA

(Hum), IO-TA

Iota Phi Theta,
Our star o’er land and sea.
They spirit is ever near,
To bind us faithfully.

Iota Phi Theta,
We pledge from whence we came.
To always be Iota men,
And glory in thy name.

(Hum), IO-TA

O hear us Iota, we’re men of thy fold,
Who never shall dismay.
Whenever we’re needed to champion they cause,
With reverence, we answer this way;

Iota Phi Theta,
To thee our hearts we bring.
In token of lasting love,
To thee we proudly sing.

Iota Phi Theta,
We vow eternally,
To wear thy shield of Brotherhood,
For all the world to see.

I Love I-PHI!!!

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